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You’ve paid your deposit and you’re about to move into your new rental home. This can be pretty exciting and mildly stressful at the same time. To help you get settled in to your new home, here’s some practical advice from your friends at!

Get your internet and phone line sorted
Despite what your phone and internet provider might tell you, it takes absolutely AGES for these companies to connect themselves with your property. Get on this as soon as possible, or spend the first month in your new home remembering what it was like before Wi-Fi.

Notify everyone else about your change of address
This means your bank, your employer, insurance providers, the TV licensing authority. You will have to notify the DVLA so your driving license can reflect your new address. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions? Change those too. This is not fun, but it has to be done.

Consider getting contents insurance
If you’re planning to fill your rental home with lifetime’s worth of memories, you may want to protect them with contents insurance. Your landlord may have insurance that covers the property itself, but probably not your belongings.

Dream of Home Ownership!
Our team of experience real estate professional can assist you with getting pre-approved and/or improve your Credit Scores to Qualify for a House Purchase.

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