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No set-up fees, No minimums, no hassle.  With there’s no waiting for approval of documentation needed. You simply create an account-and get started within minutes.

How Works?

Landlord Collaboration

 No more lost communication, track maintenance requests, see account balances.

Track Your Rental Info

 Store your rental agreement, keep move-in/out photos, keep track of rent receipts.

Pay Rent Online

Pay rent for free with your bank account or PayPal. It’s easy and secure. No more transaction fees!

Keep All Your Lease Information Safe!

Keep a record of all your rental activity within your profile including move in/out photos, rental agreements, payment receipts and more.

Using Tenant Portal

Using your Tenant Portal is simple.  Simply click on the “CONTACT” button on the bottom right of the screen.  Upon opening, you will notice on the bottom a set of buttons with labels on them.  These are your Tenant Portal Quick Access.  From here you may choose any task related to your lease.  You may also login to your Tenant Portal from here.